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5th Grade

5th Grade

5th Grade L.S.

6th Grade

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BAMS Legally Blonde

Bangor Elementary Gifted  and Challenge

Bilotti's Class

Coaching Resources

DeFranco Elementary Choir

DeFranco Nurse

DeFranco Speech and Langauge

Derhammcer 2018-2019

Elementary Band

Go Math!

Grade 5

Grade 5 ELA

Grade 6

Health & Physical Education

Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology

JLayton 2018-2019

Language Arts




Mrs. Altemose's Classroom

Mrs. Buist's Fourth Grade Class

Mrs. Carlton Speech and Language

Mrs. Lauer's Classroom

Mrs. Sarkady

Mrs. Stacknick's Class

Ms. Wieder

Our Classroom Motto:      *Stay focused                                                              *Leaders put 1st things 1st      Allow others to be successful      Think Win- Win      Effort      Review      Synergize

Room 300

Special Education

Title 1 Information

Title I Info

Welcome to 5th Grade ELA

Welcome to Ms. Marraccini's Super Star Classroom!