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3 months ago

Year End Totals 2017-2018
7838  students visited the nurse's office 
4079 students were ill 
2696 were injured 

0 required skilled nursing procedure
1063 took prescribed medication 

1236 the number of parents I called 
651 went home sick from school 
183 the number of school days 
43 the average number of kids seen each day



about 1 year ago

Medication Permission must be signed by a parent and a physician for all medications, including over the counter medications, like tylenol, cough syrup, etc.  To obtain a copy of the Authorization for Medication Form Authorization for Medication Form


Physical Exam: State mandated in Kindergarten, 6th Grade, and 11th Grade


To obtain a copy of the Private Physical Form Private Physical Form 


Dental Exam:  State mandated in Kindergarten, 3rd Grade and 7th Grade.

To obtain a copy of the Private Dental Form Private Dental Form 


Health Update: Yearly update, or if health condition changes


Emergency Card: Yearly update, or if change in address, contacts, or phone numbers


The Pennsylvania School Health Website

Resources for Puberty Talk

about 1 year ago

  • No B.O.! The Head-to-Toe Book of Hygiene for Preteens, by Marguerite Crump, Free Spirit Publishing, Minneapolis, MN, 2005
  • The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls, by Valorie Schaefer, Pleasant Company Publications, Middletown, Wisconsin, 1998
  • The Period Book: Everything you don't want to ask (but need to know), by Karen Gravelle & Jennifer Gravelle, Walker Publishing Company, New York, 1996
  • The What's Happening to my Body? Book for Boys, by Lynda Madaras, Newmarket Press, New York, NY, 1988
  • The What's Happening to my Body? Book for Girls, by Lynda Madaras, Newmarket Press, New York, NY, 1988
Copes of the above books are available in the Nurse's office for students to check out. Also available is a hard copy of the Power Point demonstration. I will gladly email it to you upon request